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Summary of Glass/Carbon Yumi

Summary of Glass/Carbon Yumi Note: Prices are for Namisun only unless specified and were correct as of April 2009. Hokkaido- Jinai Kyugu Jinai’s bows are modelled after the Miyata. · Makoto (真) Glass ¥19,800 Black Low end model that first went on sale around 2013. · Kaede (楓) Glass ¥23,000 Black Only made in Namisun, aimed at beginners. · Tachibana (橘) Glass ¥28,000 Black/wood A light, stable bow. · Tachibana Carbon (橘カーボン) Carbon ¥31,000 Black/wood Upper version of the Tachibana, with a layer of carbon for increased flexibility. · Katsura (桂) Glass ¥31,000 Black The base model of the Shou and Aoi · Shou (翔) Glass ¥33,500 Black/wine red Improves upon arrow flight and stability of the Katsura. · Rei (翎) Glass 37,000 A slender bow said to be aimed at women. Out of manufacture. · Aoi (葵) Glass 38,000 Wine red Very easy to spot from a distance because of the colour. This bow is very supple and easy to use. · Sui (粋) Carbon 45,000 Black w/ silver lame The base of this model is the Aoi, with stronger arrow flight and vibration dampening. · Tokusei Sui (特製 粋) Ceramics Carbon (5 layer) 55,000 Black w/ gold lame An updated version of the Sui with further improved arrow flight and vibration dampening. · Tokusaku Sui (特作 粋) Bias Carbon (6 layer) 75,000 Black, customisable lame/characters A custom-order bow which can be designed to fit you. · Bessaku Sui (別作 粋) Bias Carbon (7 layer) 126,000 As above Completely custom, just like the Tokusaku Sui. Higher layer count on the bow. · Rin (凛) Carbon 57,000 Dark green or wine red w/ 7 colour lame This is officially the “Sui II”. With the Aoi and the Sui as a base, the Rin reduces amount of materials used by about 30-40%. Very slender so it is a good fit for women. Recoil is low but it stacks quickly on the draw. · Tokusaku Rin (特作 凛) Carbon 77,000 Dark green, wine red, black, w/lame Custom order like the Tokusaku Sui. · Bessaku Rin (別作 凛) Carbon 127,000 As above. A custom order like the Tokusaku Rin. The most expensive glass/carbon bow. · Jin (仁) Carbon 51,300 Dark brown, black A bow that came out in April 2013, to come in the middle of the Sui and the Rin. This was manufactured by Jinai Kyugu’s sister company, Taiyou Kyugu Factory. Compared to the Rin it’s a little fatter and heavier, but with improved strength. · Tokusaku Jin (特作 仁) Carbon 78,300 A custom order same as the Tokusaku Sui. · Tokusaku Eishuu (特作 英修) Carbon 60,000 Wood A similar bow to the Sui, named after Jinai Kyugu’s bowmaker. Made from six layers including whisker, Kevlar, and bias carbon sheets. · Chinzei (鎮西) Glass An older model, no longer in production. · Kou (翺) Carbon 40,000 Black/Red side The predecessor to the current Sui. One of the earliest carbon yumi. Depending on when it was sold, the makers mark is in a different place. Not currently in production. Akita- Nagawasa Kyugu · Zuishou (瑞祥) Glass model 38,000 Red, Black, Blue Carbon model 43,000 Red, Black, Blue · Tenpaku (天伯) Carbon 44,000 Black Made along the same lines as the Sui. Sold by Watanabe Kyugu. Recoil is quite small and the draw feels soft. Arrow flight is quite fast. Saitama- Miyata Sougyou · MIYATA S Glass Only made in sansun tsumari. Production temporarily suspended. · MIYATA F Glass Black (matte or gloss) Named “F” for “fukyuu”. Production temporarily suspended. · MIYATA A Glass As above An upper model of the F. This one is also production temporarily suspended. · MIYATA E Glass As above Production temporarily suspended here too. · MIYATA CG Carbon (glass carbon) As above Typical model of a carbon bow. Production temporarily suspended. · MIYATA CG III Carbon 50,400 Black (matte or gloss) Strong vibration dampening with little recoil or reaction from the yumi. This one is currently in production. · MIYATA CG V Carbon 73,500 Black (matte or gloss), wood (with grain) Unlike the other CG models, the CG V has a bit more recoil to help with arrow flight. · MIYATA CGV AC Carbon (all carbon) 94,500 Black Upper model of the CG V, with an entirely carbon construction. · Miyata Bessaku d · MIYATA OM Order made service- an order made model of any type of yumi. Tokyo- Koyama Kyuguten · Jitsugi (実技) Glass 24,150 Black Good for a beginner without a stable tenouchi or shot yet. Not really designed for getting a good shot, rather designed for a beginner to get good form. · Renshin (練心) Glass 28,350 Black, Brown For a beginner who is now ready to shoot at mato. It has a soft daisan but a tendancy to stack strongly into kai. Compared to the Jitsugi it has a lot stronger vibration but also is more accurate. · Rensin Carbon (練心カーボン) Carbon 31,500 Black Constructed using similar composite glass materials as the updated Jikishin one. Compared to the Jikishin I though it has a shallower curve to handle vibration. · Renshin II Super Strong Glass (練心Ⅱスーパーストロンググラス) Glass A bow manufactured short term from leftover Jikishin I materials. This is a Renshin model using the same T-glass material as the Jikishin. Not many of these were made. · Jikishin I (直心Ⅰ) Glass 37,800 Red/Black For an intermediate with better draw. Very strong vibrations, but also gives good results, the best bow at this price point. · Jikishin I Carbon (直心Ⅰカーボン) Carbon 39,000 Red/Black Added carbon for increased elasticity, to up arrow flight. Because the vibration is quite strong, it is not recommended to use this bow if you do not yet have a good, stable tenouchi. Ceased production because of the price increase in materials, now sold as the “Supercarbon” · Jikishin I Supercarbon (直心Ⅰスーパーカーボン Carbon 40,950 Red/Black A new version of the Jikishin I Carbon that came out in March 2008. Updated construction on the old glass materials. The recoil on this is better than compared to the old model, but arrow flight is also not quite as good. · Jikishin II Super (直心Ⅱスーパー) Glass 42,000 Red/Black An updated version of the Jikishin I, with stabilised recoil and arrow flight. Has a strong twist and is hard to form bad habits on. · Jikishin II Supercarbon. Carbon 51,450 Red/Black Has the characteristic features of a carbon bow in that it has greater elasticity but also greater recoil, however it has particularly good arrow flight. Easier and more stable to use than the Jikishin I · Jikishin III Bamboo (直心Ⅲバンブー) Glass and bamboo 46,200 Wood/Black A version of the Jikishin II, incorporating a layer of bamboo in its construction. Lower recoil than the Jikishin I or II because of the bamboo materials used. · Kokushin (鵠心) Glass w/knots 50,000 A version of the Jikishin I using knots in its construction to lessen vibrations. Current production status is unknown. · Kokushin Arch Carbon (鵠心アーチカーボン) Carbon 73,500 Black checked A particularly rounded yumi of special construction which was released in the first quarter of 2008. A very light yumi with high elasticity, said that even if you decreased it’s power by 10% it would still keep up with other bows on the market. Currently only available by custom order. · Seiga (清雅) Carbon w/knots 52,500 Brown/wood A version of the Jikishin I Super Carbon incorporating knots, it’s pre-release name was the “Kokushin II”. Easy to use as it has low recoil. · Dousha (堂射) Carbon 35,000 Black A yumi specifically for enteki. Current production status is unknown. · Kokushin Shodai (鵠心初代) Carbon The first carbon bow made by Koyama Kyugu. Currently not in production. Tokyo- Yamada (kitsukuni?) Kyugu · Ran (鸞) Carbon 37,000 Black Modelled after Jinai Kyugu’s yumi, backed by ebony to avoid scratches. · Ran Bias Carbon (鸞バイアスカーボン) Bias Carbon 57,000 Black Same as the above Ran model, using bias carbon. One of the cheaper bows specified to be made with bias carbon. Production seems to have ceased since 2015. Tokyo- Seidou Kyugu · Seidou (静動) Glass · Seidou Carbon (静動カーボン) Carbon Kanagawa- Yasuda Kyugu · Kenshin (研心) Glass 25,500 Wood/Black This store’s original brand, similar to Jinai Kyugu. Has much the same feel as the draw of Jinai’s bows but is very easy to get nobiai after entering kai. Kanagawa- Sakaki-Horie Kyugu · Hokuto (北斗) Glass 23,100 Black Has a really unique inscription in red. A model for beginners-intermediates. · Hokuto Carbon (北斗カーボン) Carbon · Sharaku (射楽) Glass Shizuoka- Yamauchi Kyugu · Chikutou (竹洞) Carbon 36,750 Aichi- Watanabe Kyugu · Genpei (源平) Glass (?) Two-tone wood A yumi with low recoil. However, the construction materials are unclear. Aichi- Ookura Kyugu This store orders their own models from Jinai Kyugu. It can take up to one month to receive a custom order. · Shigejyuuyumi (重十弓) Glass 25,000 Black/Wood, Wood Similar to Jinai’s Tachibana. · Shigejyuuyumi Carbon (重十弓カーボン) Carbon 28,500 Black/Wood Similar to the Tachibana Carbon · Heian (平安) Carbon 28,000 Black Similar to the Katsura model. Older types of this yumi are wine red. · Heian Jyousaku (平安 上作) Glass 37,000 Wine red Similar to the Aoi model. · Heian Bessaku (平安 特作) Carbon 45,000 Black, wine red Similar to the Sui model. Unlike the Sui, it does not have the gold script or lame. · Tokusei Heian (特製 平安) Ceramics Carbon 55,000 Black, wine red Similar to the Tokusei Sui. Has no lame. · Tokusaku Heian (特作 平安) Bias Carbon 75,000 Black, wine red Similar to the Tokusaku Sui. It is unclear if it is just as customisable. Osaka- Ikai Kyugu · Azusa (梓) Glass 26,250 Black A bit of a hard yumi, the tenouchi can move left to right quite a bit. Apparently common for the string to touch on the backboard. · Azusa Carbon (梓カーボン) Carbon 36,750 Black Carbon model of the Azusa. Arrow flight is much improved but still has the same tenouchi issue. Yamaguchi- Hosoyamada Kyugu · Sakura (櫻) Not currently in production. · Sakura (桜) Carbon A new model of the previous Sakura, even though it has the same name. · Sakura Bias & Supercarbon (桜バイアス&スーパーカーボン) Bias Carbon 48,000 Wine red A version of the Sakura including bias carbon. · Hosoyamadatamon (細山田多門) Glass 23,000 Wood Possible to purchase from their online shop. Only available in namisun, 7-12kg. · Shuuhou (秋芳) Glass 27,000 A very square bow that, while easy to draw, can encourage bad habits. Production ceased in March 2009. · Shuuhou Carbon (秋芳カーボン) Carbon 35,500 A carbon version of the above glass type, with similar issues. · Ganryuu (厳流) Glass 27,800 Black The successor of the Shuuhou that went on sale in May 2009. It was originally sold as the “Kaiten” but the name was change in June 2009. It has low recoil and minimal stacking, and the arrow flight is quite good. Fukuoka- Kusumi Kyugu Kusumi carries only one bow from the maker Tojyou. · Kusumi Genhou Glass + Bamboo 36,750 A yumi with low recoil, but is not particularly durable. Fukuoka- Sagaryou (?) Bow and arrow manufacturing These are sold through mail order catalogues to sporting goods stores. · Yuuhou (雄鵬) Glass 29,800 Black/wood · Yuuhou Carbon (雄鵬カーボン) Carbon 47,000 Has a very shallow curve. Depending on the archer, may have very sharp arrow flight. Fukuoka- Shiramizu Kyugu · Tsukushijirou (筑紫次郎) Glass 24,000 Fukuoka- Miyazaki Kyugu Miyazaki order from Jinai the same way that Ookura do. · Koushin (弘心) Glass 38,000 Black/wood · Tokusaku Koushin (特作 弘心) . 48,000 Kumamoto- Takahashi Kyugu · Sogaku (蘇岳) Glass 20,000 · Sohou (蘇峰) Glass 26,250 · Higosozan (肥後蘇山) Glass 37,000 Laquered red, pearl red, metalick black, matte black, pearl grey Has a yugaeri more similar to a bamboo yumi than other glass yumi. Production ceased. · Higosozan Carbon (肥後蘇山カーボン) Carbon 45,000 As above Carbon version of the above Higosozan, poundage starts from 14kg. Quite strong recoil so it is harder to handle than the glass version if a strong tenouchi is not yet obtained. Production ceased. · Higosozan High Carbon (肥後蘇山ハイカーボン) Carbon 58,000 As above Using stronger carbon to achieve higher poundages, this yumi starts at 18kg. Able via order only. · Higosozan Shin (肥後蘇山 真) Glass 40,000 As above A very stable bow, like all of the Higosozan line. Up to 15kg, it is very slender. · Higosozan Shin Carbon (肥後蘇山 真 カーボン) Carbon 48,000 As above Carbon type of the above yumi. Compared to the glass type, it has better torsion and arrow flight. · Higosozan Kyuzen (肥後蘇山 弓禅) Carbon 55,000 As above This is said to be the top bow manufactured of the Higosozan line, closest to the feel of a bamboo yumi. As well as being light just like a bamboo yumi, the draw is soft and vibration is low. Kumamoto- Takahashi Kyugu · Hishuusosui (肥州蘇水) Glass 25,000 Miyazaki- Nagano Issui These yumi are modelled after the bamboo yumi of bowmaker Nagano Issui. They are quite new to the carbon bow market, having just come out in 2005. They are slightly pricier than other Kyudo stores but also have very good rotation, arrow flight, and tsurune. · Shinsui (真萃) Carbon + bamboo 61,000 Two-tone wood, dark green The base model of the Issui series. It’s the cheapest but still quite pricey. Can be engraved for an extra 5k. · Shinsui Singature (真萃 花押) Carbon + bamboo 66,000 As above Slightly better materials than the Shinsui. · Issui Ginmoji (一萃 銀文字) Carbon + bamboo 73,500 Dark green Quite thick (about 26mm). Better materials than the Shinsui Signature. The earlier models of Issui are all the Ginmoji type and can be differentiated by inscription. · Issui Kinmoji (一萃 金文字) Carbon + bamboo 94,500 Dark green A variety of the Ginmoji that was released in 2006 using higher quality materials for the core and layers of the yumi. Possible to order higher poundages than the Ginmoji. · Wayumitsukuri Issui (和弓つくり一萃) Carbon + bamboo 105,000 Dark green The top end carbon bow from Nagano Issui, modelled after the bamboo bow “Shitakara take Issui”. The manufacturing process is patented. Engraved type only. Miyazaki- Terauchi Kyugu These are modelled after the yumi of the bowmaker Kusumi. · Bamboo Kurakichi (バンブー蔵吉) Glass 26,000 · Kurakichi Carbon (蔵吉カーボン) Carbon 35,000 · Kurakichi Supercarbon (蔵吉スーパーカーボン) Carbon 40,000 Kagoshima- Ono Kyugu · Jigen (示現) Glass 32,000 Black/red Somewhat thin. Soft bow to draw. · Jigen Carbon (示現カーボン) Carbon 42,000 Online shop- Chuo Budo Kyugu · Kuzakura (九櫻) Glass 37,590 · Kuzakura Carbon . 50,400 Other unconfirmed brands: · Yamato (大和) · Nagahara (永原 · Tamon ( 多門) · Yuu (悠) · Sakigake (魁) · Tenryuu (天龍) · Haruka (遥) · Tenyuu (天弓) · Akashiro (赤城)


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